Client comments


“The author has reviewed the index and sends his compliments on your ‘great indexing’. No changes are needed … We have already typeset and proofed the index; everyone is very pleased with it.”

- Senior Designer, Pegasus Books - Searching for the Messiah

“We were very happy and impressed with the work you did for us on Radical Medicine this year.”

- Irene Bindi, re Essylt, Radical Medicine

“The index was excellent and I appreciate the fast turnaround. If I need an index in future or need to recommend an indexer I’ll certainly forward your name.”

- Chris Gore, Electricity in Africa

“Thank you so much for your hard, careful and quick work and for your kind comments on my book. Thanks also for catching the footnotes that were off!”

- Kristi Kenyon, Resilience and Contagion

“We love how richly textured the categories are. You certainly captured our meanings very well. We are very grateful for your careful work and will be happy to recommend you. UC Press asked us for your name - they were so impressed with the errors you caught!”

- Shauna Pomerantz, Smart Girls