Who I am and why I do indexing

I turned to indexing when I was not getting enough income to survive as a contract university professor!  I love reading, so it seemed like a perfect match. I get paid to read fascinating texts.

I had also recently had my own first (and so far only) book published and was impressed by the care and knowledge of the professional indexer who indexed my book.

Apart from some crazy long-ago youthful adventures such as hitchhiking across the Sahara desert, I have enjoyed employment in a range of workplaces. As a rookie newspaper reporter, I interviewed Terry Fox. I also raked blueberries, cleaned houses, taught ESL, taught English in a boys' boarding school in Nigeria, worked in African solidarity work in the field of "international development" (was once at a banquet with Nelson Mandela which is more truthful than saying "I had dinner with Mandela"), ran anti-racism workshops, and quite a few other things. Raised 3 kids and 3 cats. I currently teach part-time at two Ontario universities and conduct my indexing business during May - August.

The indexing community - society of professional indexers - is a wonderful, supportive community of extremely interesting, kind and knowledgeable people. I am grateful to be part of it.

I look forward to perusing your text, and meeting you!