A bit more about your indexer, Paula Butler



I completed the highly-regarded University of California – Berkeley course, “Indexing: Theory and Application” in 2015, and have been working as a professional indexer since then. I continue to upgrade my knowledge and skills in the indexing field.

In addition to my indexing credentials, I have a BA in English Literature, an MA in International Development, and a PhD in Education. I taught high school English in Nigeria, and have taught university courses in departments of Gender Studies, Canadian Studies, Global Studies, and Law & Society. I thus bring to my indexing work a breadth of inter-disciplinary knowledge and am competent to index scholarly and non-academic texts in a wide range of subject areas. I welcome dense academic texts.

I had a past professional career in international development, during which I had the privilege to travel extensively in the African continent hosted by African civil society organizations. Throughout adulthood, I have been active in a range of social justice issues including anti-racism, global economic justice, responsible resource extraction, gender justice and de-colonized settler-Indigenous relations in Canada.